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    As an Ostomate, Renew Inserts may be suitable for you, but it is important you discuss this with your Healthcare Professional, prior to receiving a starter pack.

    For further information please contact us on 0800 542 0814 or send an enquiry below.

    It is important to discuss your symptoms with a Healthcare Professional prior to receiving a starter pack
    For further information please contact us on 0800 542 0814 or send an enquiry below.

    As an Ostomate, Renew Inserts may be suitable for you, but it is important you discuss this with your Healthcare Professional, prior to receiving a starter pack.

    For further information please contact us on 0800 542 0814 or send an enquiry below.

    Please check for your country in the International distributors section if you are outside of the UK. We cannot provide samples outside of the UK.

    Patient Support

    Providing straight forward advice and guidance to patients is the single most important element of our work at Renew.

    Our dedicated team understand that problems with bowel management can be challenging to manage, both physically and emotionally. There are a number of different ways you can receive support, to fit with your personal communication preferences.

    This site contains helpful information, advice and guidance and can be used as a resource you can return to, if you would like to refresh your memory, or contact us through email, or via phone.

    You can contact us using our form

    Further details on our FREE home delivery service are shown here.

    If you have any questions, or require additional support in receiving your prescription, please feel free to contact us:
    0800 542 0814 – please note that our phone lines are open 9.00am – 4pm Monday to Friday

    There are several charitable and social enterprise organisations who can provide further impartial advice and guidance for you or those you care for, including:

    Bladder and Bowel UK

    Free National Confidential Helpline managed by a team of Specialist Nurses and Continence Product Information staff, who can be contacted on the National Confidential Bladder and Bowel UK helpline (0161 607 8219) or via email  supported by Disabled Living Foundation and is a not for profit organisation.

    Bladder and Bowel Community

    Social Enterprise which helps support the millions of people in the UK who are living with conditions that affect their bladder or bowel. Whether you have a condition yourself or are a relative, friend or carer of someone who does then you’ll find all the support, information, guidance and help you need.


    ERIC, The children’s bowel and bladder charity, is the only charity dedicated to helping all children and teenagers manage and overcome distressing continence conditions. ERIC provides expert support, information and understanding to children and young people and enables parents, carers and professionals to help children establish good bowel and bladder health for life. For our freephone helpline call 0808 169 9949 and for general enquiries call 0117 960 3060.


    NHS Choices website giving a useful overview of Bowel incontinence. is one of the most trusted independent medical resources in the UK.

    Colostomy UK

    We are Colostomy UK. Here if you have questions, need support or just want to talk to someone who lives with a stoma.

    The Association of Continence Advice

    The Association of Continence Advice (ACA) is a multi-professional association open to all health and allied care professionals.

    The Association of Stoma Care Nurses UK

    Membership organisation for stoma nurses.

    Talkhealth Partnership

    The talk health bowel conditions forum for advice and support.

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    • Previously Assessed by a Health Care Professional

      As with most clinical conditions, it is important that you have discussed your symptoms with your GP, or specialist healthcare professional, prior to trying Renew bowel management products.

      For patients who have been assessed by their doctor, or HCP for accidental bowel leakage, we can provide a for the Renew Inserts only, for you to assess the most appropriate size prior to receiving a prescription. You can request a . Once you have tried Renew Inserts, you may be able to receive a prescription for your ongoing supply.

      This can be provided by your GP or prescribing nurse, and can be supplied by any home delivery company, or dispensing surgery. Always discuss the use of a new medical device with your clinician.

    • Yet to be assessed by a Health Care Professional

      For potential users, who are yet to be assessed by their doctor, or healthcare professional, you can request a Free Patient Information Pack, which you may wish to take to your next appointment to help facilitate discussions with your clinician.

    • Product Codes

      When discussing a prescription for any of our bowel management products with your GP or prescribing nurse, you may wish to provide them with the following product codes and pip codes, to assist in the process.

      • Renew Aquaflush Irrigation
        Item Description Product Code PIP Code
        Compact Starter Kit AFCS 383-1153
        Compact Monthly Kit AFCM 383-1179
        Compact + Starter Kit AFCPS 410-5722
        Compact + Monthly Kit AFCPM 410-5714
        Lite Starter Kit AFLS 404-8294
        Lite Monthly Kit AFLM 404-8302
        Actif Starter Kit AFAS 390-1386
        Actif Monthly Kit AFAM 390-1394


        Item Description Product Code PIP Code
        Lite Cones x 15 AFLA 404-8286
        Short Cones x 15 AFSC 410-6027
        Extension Tubes x 2 AFEXTN 382-9207
      • Renew Inserts
        Item Description Product Code Units per Pack PIP Code
        Regular Size FG730 30 393-6895
        Large Size FG731 30 393-6903
      • Renew Stoma Stopper
        Item Description Size Order Code PIP Code
        Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 8fr ACEM8 401-8941
        Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 10fr ACEM10 401-8958
        Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 12fr ACEM12 401-8966
        Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 14fr ACEM14 401-8974
        Ultra-thin Hydrocolloid dressings 5x5cm AFD30 401-8925
        Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressings 8fr ACE8/100 401-8891
        Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressings 10fr ACE10/100 401-8909
        Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressings 12fr ACE12/100 401-8917
        Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressings 14fr ACE14/100 401-8933
    • Patient stories