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Aquaflush Self Retaining Cone (SRC)

Available on prescription from Sept 1st 2020, the new Aquaflush Self Retaining Cone (SRC) is our latest significant innovation in Trans Anal Irrigation.

Once the Self Retaining Cone (SRC) is inserted, the soft flexible petals allow the user to leave the SRC securely in place whilst preparing their irrigation kit. This can work for all, but is particularly useful for those with limited dexterity or altered balance, or for carers who assist in irrigation. The process of instilling water has not changed and remains the same across our range of irrigation products.

Key Features:

  • Rounded eyelets for smooth and comfortable irrigation
  • Soft, flexible petals for easy insertion and retention whilst preparing for irrigation
  • 100% medical grade silicone – soft and silky-smooth
  • Fully compatible with all Aquaflush Irrigation systemsLarge capacity 1.2ltr water bag (kits are the same specification as Aquaflush Lite)

Product codes

Item Description Quantity Product Code PIP Code
SRC Starter Pack 5 cones AFSRCS 414-2667
SRC Monthly System 15 cones AFSRCM 414-2675
SRC Refill Pack 15 cones AFSRCA 414-2683