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We are proud to have developed a range of effective bowel management products, anal inserts, and a stoma stopper. Our products are designed to help individuals living a mitrofanoff /ACE or individuals who struggle with functional or neurological bowel dysfunction to lead a higher quality of life. Our products are designed to provide all HCP’s with a suitable choice of product options that are easy to use, are a low cost to the NHS whilst also providing virtual and telephone support from our Care and Care+ team.

Renew Medical offer a range of materials designed to support you in clinical practice. As well as a dedicated support team who can provide information and advice to yourself and your patients.

The Renew Support team also offer a variety of bespoke product training opportunities.

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  • Renew Insert
    • The Benefits of Renew Inserts

      For long-term users of Renew Inserts, there is a growing level of qualitative feedback, which shows how the insert can profoundly change individuals lives, by restoring patient confidence and dignity.  This level of feedback shows us that, with growing levels of clinical intervention and awareness, we can continue to support often emotionally vulnerable patients to live a complete and full lifestyle.  In addition, there is published clinical data to support the use of Renew Inserts, as highlighted below.

    • Clinical Study

      A clinical study demonstrated that the Renew Insert helps prevent Accidental Bowel Leakage, delivering the following benefits:

      • A median reduction of 81.8% in the frequency of ABL episodes
      • Over 91% of the Renew Insert users demonstrated a ≥ 20% reduction in ABL episodes
      • A median reduction of 29.4% in the Wexner score
      • Overall satisfaction among the majority of Insert users was high, with 91.4% rating the overall experience and ease of use as a 9.5 (median) on a 10-point scale

      There are additional benefits, that patients may experience from the use of Renew Inserts:

      • Improvement in odour control associated with ABL
      • A greater sense of discretion, with Renew Inserts being undetectable beneath clothing
      • Potential for greatly improved self-esteem, confidence and freedom to carry out day to day activities
      • Improved skin integrity when compared to alternative conservative treatment options
    • Additional Information, Warnings and Precautions

      As with all medical devices, there are certain warnings and precautions to consider, with Renew Inserts. Bowel incontinence may be medically treated. The Renew Insert is not intended to replace surgical options to treat Accidental Bowel Leakage/Faecal Incontinence. Patients and potential users of Renew Inserts should consult their doctor or healthcare professional for clinical advice and guidance prior to use. Renew Inserts are not suitable for people who have an allergy to silicone. The Renew insert should also not be used when a patient is using suppositories. It is important for patients to discontinue use of Renew Inserts and consult their doctor if they experience and of the following:

      • Bleeding haemorrhoids
      • Rectal bleeding or bloody stool
      • Anal/rectal pain, irritation, spasms, fissure or tearing
      • Undergone rectal surgery within the past 4 weeks
      • Displacement of the Insert upward into the anus and it is not expelled with the next bowel movement
    • Possible Side Effects
      • False urge to empty your bowels.
      • Mild irritation of anal area.

      These side effects often pass, once the user becomes accustomed to using Renew Inserts.  It is important that users discuss any side effects with their healthcare professional and/or doctor.

    • Prescribing Information

      Renew Inserts are available on prescription and can be accessed from our home delivery partner or through Chemists, Dispensing Surgeries and other Dispensing Appliance Contractors. Renew Inserts are available in 2 sizes: Regular and Large. Each box contains 30 inserts.

      Item Description Product Code Units per Pack PIP Code
      Regular Size FG730 30 393-6895
      Large Size FG731 30 393-6903

      Most adult patients require a large insert; however regular inserts are available if clinically indicated e.g Children and young adults or if otherwise clinically indicated. If the regular insert comes out at unexpected times or if the patient still experiences leakage, they should try the Large size Renew Insert. A FREE Starter Pack containing both sizes of Inserts is available to help healthcare professionals and patients assess and determine the most suitable size when raising a prescription. For additional support or prescription advice please feel free to contact us: 0800 542 0814 – please note that our phone lines are open 9.00am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

  • Aquaflush Irrigation
    • The Benefits of Renew Aquaflush Irrigation

      Effective bowel emptying is the norm for most people. However, for some, functional or neurogenic bowel disorders cause faecal incontinence or chronic constipation among other symptoms. This can lead to a major impact on the persons quality of life, this is where transanal irrigation can help.
      Regular bowel emptying using transanal irrigation, also known as trans-anal irrigation (TAI), can help people avoid these complications and in turn have a positive impact on their lifestyle.
      Rectal irrigation has been practiced for many hundreds of years. In recent years increasingly the medical profession has been using it as a bowel management solution. Rectal irrigation can offer systematic improvement of the symptoms of faecal incontinence, evacuatory disorders and constipation; often when other therapies have failed. How effective is transanal irrigation? Conservative bowel management, such as manual evacuation, only empties the distal part of the bowel.

    • Clinical Studies

      Studies have shown that a large amount of faeces remains in the colon, after defecation for a person with neurogenic bowel disease. [Fig 3] In contrast the rectum, sigmoid and descending colon have been shown to be completely empty after a person with neurogenic bowel disease has used transanal irrigation. (14, 22, 23) [Fig 4] Figure 3: Conservative bowel management Figure

    • Additional Information, Precautions & Warnings
      • Always follow the directions for use
      • Patients should be fully assessed by a qualified Healthcare Professional before commencing transanal irrigation.
      • Ensure the patient doesn’t have a condition which means they shouldn’t use Irrigation as part of their bowel management
      • Guidance should be given on locating the anus and the best way to hold the cone taking into account the patient’s dexterity as well as the correct angle to insert the cone to ensure comfort
      • Contact a doctor immediately if the patient experiences severe or sustained back pain or abdominal pain, especially if rectal bleeding also occurs
    • Possible Side Effects

      There may be some mild side effects such as abdominal cramping, sweating or chills.

    • Prescribing Information
      Item Description Product Code PIP Code
      Compact Starter Kit AFCS 383-1153
      Compact Monthly Kit AFCM 383-1179
      Compact + Starter Kit AFCPS 410-5722
      Compact + Monthly Kit AFCPM 410-5714
      Lite Starter Kit AFLS 404-8294
      Lite Monthly Kit AFLM 404-8302
      Actif Starter Kit AFAS 390-1386
      Actif Monthly Kit AFAM 390-1394
      Item Description Quantity Product Code PIP Code
      SRC Starter Pack 5 cones AFSRCS 414-2667
      SRC Monthly System 15 cones AFSRCM 414-2675
      SRC Refill Pack 15 cones AFSRCA 414-2683
      Item Description Product Code PIP Code
      Lite Cones x 15 AFLA 404-8286
      Short Cones x 15 AFSC 410-6027
      Extension Tubes x 2 AFEXTN 382-9207



  • Aquaflush Stoma Stopper
    • The Benefits of the Stoma Stopper

      For long-term users of the Renew Aquaflush Stoma Stopper, there is a growing level of qualitative feedback, which demonstrates how the stopper can profoundly change individuals lives, by restoring patient confidence and dignity.

    • Clinical Studies

      There is data supporting the use of a stopper after both Mitrofanoff and Antegrade Colonic Enema procedures. The evidence suggests that the risk of post procedural stomal stenosis is significantly reduced when a stopper is used. Renew Medical are undertaking discussions with a number of specialists centres with the aim of supporting additional research in this area. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in future studies.

    • Additional Information, Precautions & Warnings

      Stoma Stopper instructions for use

      As with all medical devices, there are certain warnings and precautions to consider with the Renew Aquaflush Stoma Stopper. The life of these devices is 30 days of intermittent use, as the grade of silicone is only licensed for this time frame. Patients with known silicone allergy should not be offered this product.

    • Possible Side Effects

      There are very few side effects with this product, mild irritation sometimes occurs around the stoma site and this can be relieved with a small amount of petroleum jelly or a button hole dressing.
      Stomal Stenosis – the most common complication occurs when the stoma site closes between washouts and should this occur patients are advised to seek immediate medical assistance from their stoma team.

    • Prescribing Information
      Item Description Size Order Code PIP Code
      Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 8fr ACEM8 401-8941
      Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 10fr ACEM10 401-8958
      Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 12fr ACEM12 401-8966
      Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 14fr ACEM14 401-8974
      Ultra-thin Hydrocolloid dressings 5x5cm AFD30 401-8925
      Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressings 8fr ACE8/100 401-8891
      Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressings 10fr ACE10/100 401-8909
      Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressings 12fr ACE12/100 401-8917
      Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressings 14fr ACE14/100 401-8933