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Hello, my name is Ceris.

Open your box of Renew Inserts and take out the Instructions for Use. This should have everything you need to get started, but let’s go through it together.

Renew Inserts come in two sizes, regular and large. If this is your first time using the Renew Insert, try the regular size. You can always switch to the large size if you experience leakage or loss of Insert at unexpected times.

Always wash your hands before handling the applicator.

There are two items inside: the Renew Insert is already placed on the applicator. Put your finger in, and remove it from the pack. You can see how the applicator is designed to angle the Insert into your body.

Let’s talk about your body for a moment. This model is a cross-section of your pelvic area. This is your anus, and this is your rectum. What you do is take your finger with the applicator on it and insert it right into your anus like this. See how it’s designed to fit right in there? Once the applicator touches your anus, withdraw it and the Insert softly seals inside.

Take a look at the Renew Insert. See how soft it is? It’s designed to be comfortable and fit the contours of your body. Most people don’t even feel it when it’s inside. You can see how the discs work to form a seal inside and out. It is designed to be expelled with your next bowel movement, or you can just pull on the bottom disc if you’d like to remove it.

There are various ways to place the Insert; some people squat, some people put one leg up on the toilet, others sit on the toilet and lean to one side. Use whatever method works for you. Once you’ve finished the insertion, throw away the applicator and wash your hands again.

Remember the Instructions for Use pamphlet? There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section. Of course, if your questions are not answered in this, contact us. We’re here to help.

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Renew Inserts are available on prescription through the NHS and can be delivered directly to your home or collected from your local pharmacy.

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